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R.I.P. Cody

I look at the clouds in the blue sky, and feel the warm sun on my skin and I wonder how you could leave this.

I hear our friends mourn and appreciate what a great person you were and I wonder how could you do this?

I think of all the wonderful times we had at LTI.

It doesn’t really sink in that memories of you are all I have now.

I always thought of you as a smiling, shining light of happiness and positivity.

That’s how I’ll always remember you.

I wish you could have realized how many people love and support you.

I wish you could have realized how much you impacted us all.

I’ll wish for this to all be a dream.

But I know it won’t bring you back.

So I’ll wish for your happiness and peace every night at 11:11.
I hope you’re happy now.

But I hope you realize how much you hurt us all by doing this.